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Hear from Employees

Hear From Employees

Hear from our employees how they found what youíre looking for at AKT - whether itís a challenging work environment, a team-based approach, honoring work-life balance or giving trusted client service.


"I joined AKT for many reasons. Among the primary reasons was the firm's values, ethics and philosophies matched my own. Another was the ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance and commitment to family." Senior Associate, Joined AKT in 2005


"I came to AKT because the firm values family and encourages their employees to pursue their professional passions. My professional passion is for AKT to become the dominate accounting firm in San Diego for construction contractors."
Partner, Joined AKT in 2010

"AKT serves a variety of different clients and industries. This means that I've had an opportunity to learn about different fields or decide whether to specialize in an area that suits me best." Manager, Joined AKT in 2004


"AKT has allowed me to explore my interests in public accounting and elsewhere. While technical skills have been important, I've also developed my soft skills here - from recruiting and training new staff to meeting with clients and developing proposals. AKT has given me the time and support to pursue my interests." Senior Associate, Joined AKT in 2004